We Love Cheese


We have the biggest selection of cheeses in eastern Canada! Our store is home to over 400 varieties of cheese, most of which are Italian and European, as well as some local cheese. Here is a small sample of some of our patrons’ favorites as well as a selection of our unique offerings and award winning cheeses!

Patrons’ favorites


  • Asiago Italiano

  • Bellavitano: chipotle/espresso/raspberry

  • Bleu Danois

  • Bleu Grand Noir

  • Bocconcini: cow/buffalo

  • Boschetto al tartufo (Boschetto with truffles)

  • Brie

  • Burrini

  • Cacio di Bosco fresh cheese with white truffles

  • Cacio di Fossa

  • Cacciocavallo: traditional/smoked

  • Cacciotta

  • Cambozola

  • Camembert Triple Cream

  • Cheddar Avonlea

  • Cheddar extra aged DOP

  • Crotonese Tre Stelle

  • Edam

  • Emmenthal

  • Fior di Latte

  • Fontina Danish

  • Fontina Italiana

  • Friulano

  • Goat cheese aged with white truffles

  • Goat cheese fresh: chèvre des neiges/fine herbs/nature/black pepper

  • Goat cheese semi-firm Golosini

  • Gorgonzola Italiana

  • Gouda: traditional/smoked

  • Grana Padano: 18 month/29 month/35 month/40 month

  • Gruyère: traditional/smoked

  • Gruyère de Grotte

  • Jarslberg

  • Le Cendrillon

  • Manchego: 3 months/6 months

  • Mignon Bianco

  • Montasio Italiano

  • Morbier Français

  • Oka

  • Piave: fresh/aged

  • Pecorino Fiordaliso

  • Pecorino pepato Sifor

  • Pecorino Romano Lupa

  • Pecorino Romano Mini Italia

  • Pecorino Toscano: fresh/aged

  • Provolone Auricchio

  • Provolone Golosini

  • Provolone: mild/strong/extra strong/smoked

  • Parmigiano Reggiano: 24 month/31 month/35 month/40 month/48month/60month

  • Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse (Red Cow Parmigiano Reggiano)

  • Raclette 

  • Ricotta di pecora Italiana (Italian ricotta made from sheep’s milk)

  • Ricotta salted

  • Ricotta semi-sweet

  • Savello di Roma pecorino

  • Scamorza

  • Stracchino

  • Taleggio

  • Testun di Capra

  • Tête de Moine

  • Torta al mascarpone (gorgonzola and mascarpone)

  • Trecce bocconcini

  • Tuma


Exclusive cheeses


  • Bell' arancia (sheep’s milk cheese with orange peel)

  • Bocconcini stuffed with olives (made in-house)

  • Burrata Italiana Lattelier

  • Burrata Italiana with black truffles Lattelier

  • Cacciospianata (cacciocavallo and spianata)

  • Crotonese pecorino Quatro Staggioni

  • Crotonese pecorino Golosini with balsamic vinegar

  • Dolce Treviso (made with cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and goat’s milk)

  • Sheep’s milk cheese with saffron and black pepper

  • Sheep’s milk cheese aged with truffles

  • Latteria di Grotta (cow’s milk cheese aged in a cave)

  • Mozzarella and prosciutto rolls

  • Mozzarella di Buffala Italiana Francia (Francia Italian Buffalo Mozzarella)

  • Parmigiano Reggiano 40 month

  • Pecorino fresco Nerrone di Sicilia with black pepper

  • Pecorino Nduja di Spilinga (sheep’s milk cheese with a spicy spreadable salami)

  • Ricotta Italiana Brescialat

  • San Pietro in beeswax

  • Tartughiotto (fresh sheep’s milk cheese with truffles)

  • Torta al mascarpone with nuts and figs

  • Ubriaco di bufala al cabernet sauvignon (buffalo milk cheese with cabernet sauvignon)

  • Ubriaco di capra al traminer (goat milk cheese with wine)

  • Ubriaco sot la trappe (cow milk cheese with prosecco)