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Deli Meats


Our store is home to over 80 varieties of deli meats! We have something for everyone! Here is a selection of some of our patrons’ favorites along with some authentic Italian specialties you will not find elsewhere!

Patrons’ favorites


  • Cacciatora: mild/spicy

  • Calabrese dry sausage

  • Capicollo Roma: mild/spicy

  • Capicollo Fontina: mild/spicy

  • Casalingo dry sausage

  • Coppa

  • Coppa Piacentina

  • Cotechino

  • Ham: Italian/ Madrange/rosemary/ black forest/truffle

  • Mortadella San Daniele: traditional/light/spicy

  • Mortadella Roma: traditional/with pistachios

  • Mortadella Italiana Golosini

  • Pancetta: mild/spicy

  • Pepperoni Roma Caserta (whole)

  • Pepperoni Roma for pizza

  • Peppette

  • Polish Kielbasa sausage

  • Porchetta

  • Prosciutto di Parma

  • Prosciutto di Parma with the bone

  • Prosciutto Canadian

  • Prosciuttino: mild/spicy

  • Prosciutto Serrano of Spain

  • Prosciutto Francais de Bayonne

  • Prosciutto Ruliano

  • Prosciutto San Daniele

  • Rosette de Lyon

  • Pastrami (smoked meat)

  • Salametto casalingo

  • Salametto dolce (mild)

  • Salametto dry sausage

  • Salami chorizo

  • Salami Genoa

  • Salami Hungarian: mild/spicy

  • Salami and Prosciutto

  • Sausage (fresh) without preservatives: mild/spicy

  • Soppressata dry sausage

  • Soppressata Calabrese Canadian

  • Turkey: sundried tomatoes/smoked/light/roasted



Exclusive deli meats 

  • Bresaola Golosini (air-dried salted beef)

  • Cacciospianata (Cacciocavallo and spianata)

  • Chorizo dry sausage Golosini

  • Coppa Piacentina

  • Culatello Italiano

  • Finocchiona Golosini (salami with fennel)

  • Golosini mild/spicy dry sausage

  • Guanciale Golosini

  • Italian ham with truffles

  • Lonza

  • Mortadella Italiana Golosini

  • Nduja Calabrese Golosini (spicy spreadable salami)

  • Salami with Chianti Golosini

  • Salami with truffles from Tuscany Golosini

  • Soppressata Calabrese Italian Golosini

  • Speck smoked Golosini

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